Hi, I am KALIE aka Mrs.H

I am a multi award winning photographer based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. I have had a passion for photography since I was in my teen years.

I then started my own business when I was just 16, whilst in college, working my first job at Argos and my dad used to drive me to clients homes doing family photoshoots in living rooms!

12 Years later I now have my own boutique style studio in my home after being on the high street for over 8 years, it has the best homely vibes.

Families & babies are my ultimate passion, after being brought up in a big family and with all the love and crazy that comes with that, its made me LOVE capturing your own families and get to know you all on another level.

I also love to chat, my family say I am the only person they know that talks so much and is never quiet, so expect to be talked to and at the entire session... sometimes they go on longer than expected due to our talking!!

I am also now a married woman, can you believe it, I got married 4 years ago to my husband, which I met at 19 years old. Wow aren't men hard work, ay ladies?! I wouldn't be without him though, but don't tell him that....!

Introducing the studio mascot, our little rescue Daisy, its up to you if you want her in the studio or not, but she does love a cuddle or two herself, especially loves tummy rubs from the kiddies too. We want you to be part of the KP-Photo family and here all that matters is family, no matter how big, small or furry!

In 2023 we welcomed our precious little boy, Milo - everyone was waiting for the day I had my own baby, this year was the year! He is absolutely incredible - motherhood is amazing and difficult! - I'm sure we will have lots to talk about with parenthood!

Milos first photo below!

Award Winning Images - Guild Of Photographers Awards

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